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Online customer service

Online customer service

Support Hotline: +8675781288425
User needs is the basis of our progress
Excellent quality is our core strengths

Tower crane, can be customized according to customer conditions

Crane three organs of variable frequency control,Control stability, safe and durable

Automatic parking system,China 's large equipment providers

According to the customer site to custom research and development,to meet the needs of all parking

Large port cranes to help port business to take off

China's port crane manufacturers, to provide various types of large gantry cranes

Meet to our user needs Excellent lifting equipment Providing excellent after-sales service

Excellent service

Excellent R & D team

It has good intentions and the design, development, production, sales service team.Products from the source to the finished product, each process are integrated into the feelings of up to people.

Consult now

Standardized production workshop
Perfect production equipment

AQSIQ approved Class A special equipment manufacturers.Up to the advanced technology, the production of intent to ensure that the product quality is excellent, prompt delivery, shorter delivery.

Excellent production staff
Experienced technicians

Skilled operation, production experience, standardized tooling production, focus on each process, the details of the best products to the user.

Excellent Service
Rapid after-sales service

Pay attention to customer service needs

Service team on standby

According to the symptoms determine the cause of the fault

Timely processing of Solving Problems

  • Manufacture License of Special Equipment People's Republic of China
  • Certificate of Measurement System
  • ISO9001:2008 certificate
  • ISO14001:2004 certificate
  • CE certificate
  • A number of utility model patents

Nanhai Golden Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

Foshan Nanhai Golden Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Foshan Nanhai Golden Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is located at the junction between Guangzhou and Foshan Nanhai District, enjoying advantageous geographic environment and convenient transport. The road transport line includes Guangzhou-Foshan Expressway, Guangzhou ESW Ring Expressway and national highways. The water transport facilities include Nanhai Sanshan ...

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I want to order

Support Hotline: +8675781288425

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Foshan Nanhai Golden Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

Address:No. 6, Shengli West Road, Guicheng Street, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong, China



E-mail:[email protected]


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